Pater Vita EP

by Domestikwom

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Debut release by Domestikwom, from Calgary AB. This is an EP about having to restructure yourself in the face of life's overwhelming challenges. And also being pissed off that your kids don't want to eat their vegetables.


released August 15, 2016

Jonathan Petkau - guitars, vocals, drum programming, keys

Evan Petkau - bass

Joel Cain - Mixing/Mastering on "Unraveling", additional mixing support

Bjorn Bauer - Artwork

Recorded between May-August 2016.

Special Thanks to Chris Voss for inspiration and feedback and to #metalbandcampgiftclub for being awesome.

Domestikwom is a part of Lavirra Productions.

©2016 Jonathan Petkau. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Domestikwom Calgary, Alberta

Metal project from Jonathan Petkau (Respectably Loud, Metal Minute, The X-Hausted Files).

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Track Name: Unraveling
Ce Chateau de sable
Mon monde entier
Ce n'est pas parfait
Mais il se fonctionne

Ne regarder pas trop pres
Nous serons bien
Si tous fait leurs travail
Survis jusqu'a la fin

This is unsustainable
Massive organ failure


Thread by Thread
The lies just fall away
And if it was just me
I think I'd be okay

I have been subsumed
To the life that I have made
I have been destroyed
By what I create

Le deuxieme fois sois plus vite
Je n'ai pas temp pour penser
Je suis tirer apart
par mes benedictions

Patient bleeding quickly

I'm headed towards oblivion
Pieces of my life keep failing
Until all that's left is
A shell of flesh and bone

Rebuild myself
Where to begin?
Track Name: Regine (Fear and Trembling)
One ethical duty
Divinely compelled
Kill the son and soul
Heaven through Hell

Of every law
Through my doubt
Nearer he draws

Doubt is not a symptom of sickness
Faith is not a simple process

Sovereign queen of my heart
Creation reflects your beauty
Infinite resignation
Losing you is my destiny

I heard your voice and yet I'm still blind
The math seems real, I'm still blind
Undeserved blessing and yes still blind
I reach out despite being blind
Track Name: The Crushing Weight of Inertia
500 years of hairsplitting
No closer to the truth
Abandoned reading
The source of all your proof

No complications
All eyes look to thee
The congregation
Only agrees

For centuries
We've tried to reform the reformed
We've failed disastrously
At every effort to conform

500 years later
We seek to suppress
Instead of love thy neighbor
We've chosen to oppress

Those he died to save
Includes us too
When we send to hell
Condemns us too
Track Name: Sword That Splits The Sky
As the world falls into ash
I look at you and I wish that
We could have much more time
Your life will define mine

You are my accomplishment
You are living proof that
He reigns, God of Abram
Glory to the great I AM.
Track Name: Pater Vita (Not So Hidden Track)
You are full of life
You are full of energy
Not even at puberty

But you're not there yet
So before you go
There's one thing
You have to know